Outdoor Gazebo Branding

Outdoor Gazebos

A lot of businesses miss out on an excellent advertising and promotional opportunity when they choose to rent an event gazebo. When you rent an event gazebo it is usually either blank or, printed with the name of the rental company. The rental company is smart enough to recognize that gazebos offer a great opportunity for outdoor branding to occur. Smart businesses invest in having their own gazebos printed so that the outdoor branding that is making an impression is their name, not a rental agency.

What is Outdoor Branding?

Outdoor branding is the use of an event gazebo or other outdoor structure or installation to promote your business or service. Outdoor branding can be seen at a greater distance than regular signage and, with an event gazebo, they even continue influencing the impression people have of the business by giving the booth or table the appearance of structure, organization and professionalism. Outdoor branding is less about promoting a specific product or discount than creating a lasting impression of the brand name.

Using Gazebos for Advertising

Gazebos are excellent for outdoor advertising because they have a large area that can carry printed advertising in a way that can easily be seen. Event gazebos are metal framed structures to which a fabric or canvas roof is attached and one to four sides can also be placed. You can create a strong outdoor branding experience by printing your business name and logo on the canvas or fabric. This turns an event gazebo from a simple sun shade into a strong statement of presence.

Benefits of Event Gazebos

Gazebos, as mentioned before, can create a power presence at an event and emphasize a perception of a business being professional and competent. If, when ordering printing on the sides and roof panels of an event gazebo you are smart and only print evergreen information – such as a logo, contact information and catch phrase or motto; you can take the gazebo to event after event, year after year and what it is advertising will never be out of date.

In between events, you can remove and roll the sides and top, fold up the frame and store the event gazebo in a relatively small space. They are also lightweight, easy to transport and provide protection for the rest of your event material in case of a sudden rain storm. Another thing about gazebos; they attract potential customers in because they offer shade and protection.


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