First leg - Namibia: Final

Left tsumeb at about 11 am as i only had to drive 280 km to oshikati.
The road was completely different with lots of cars and cows and donkey crossing the middle of 
the road, the REAL AFRICA HAD BEGUN. 

boiling hot so had to take off all my under clothing
from my biking jacket and pants. Stopped to have a water break on the side of the road and a guy
in army uniform came out of the bushes from know were.Came up to me and asked were i was going,
told him and he was a little confused why anybody would want to drive through Africa on a motorbike.
Apparently there is an army base nearby, but not much for these guys to do as the area does not have many
problems anymore.

Drove on to Oshikati were I filled up with petrol and would you believe a wimpy, had the burger special while trying to watch my bike through the window
with all my belongings on it.

Found a protea hotel 30 km out of town so first night in a proper bed with and shower.
Booked in and carried all my bags up to the room, they also have free wii fi , i know i wont get again.
Tomorrow of to the santa clara border post 60km away,then into Angola and onto lubango were i will look
for a place to camp.So far the trip has being great, really enjoyed the Namibian open spaces and friendly

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