First leg: Namibia

HI There, 

Well so far the ride has being fantastic, left cape town around 6am on Tuesday and rode of in very heavy mist all the way to citrusdal,.stopped for a
cup of coffee and a local farmer started chatting to me. he is also a bike enthusiast. he then got in his car and went off home to get me snacks for
the road. came back with a bag full of nuts chocolates and fruit UNBELIEVABLE.
Carried on riding towards springbok still in mist and ice cold. 20 KM springbok  i ran out of fuel ,could not believe it because my bike normally does
400 km on a tank.luckily there was cell phone coverage, so phoned my lovely wife to try and get someone in springbok to bring me fuel. 30 minutes later
a bakkie pulled up and this guy gave me 5 litres petrol .
Filled up in Springbok and carried on up to the border . went through smoothly and arrived at the fellix unite camp site right on the orange river at about 7pm.


Wednesday was a long 800 km ride all the way to Windhoek , starting out with desert landscape and becoming more bush veld like the closer i got to Windhoek.
found a campsite in the back of the chameleon backpackers lodge, lots of tents in a tiny little courtyard . had great fun with the other travelers and went to bed far too late .

Thursday drove around Windhoek looking for an auto electrician, my 12volt socket is not working on my bike, so cannot charge my phone or ipod. could not find one so left Windhoek and headed for tsumeb. great ride as the vegetation is really changing fast now that i am heading north, drove alongside the etosha game reserve, saw lots of bush pigs , buck and baboons. got to tsumeb and camped at the cupper quella resort. stunning spot, i was the only one camping in this big green lush open space.

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  1. It was remarkable service! Very good staff!! They took care of my car just like their own! It has been a wonderful experience for trusting!