Taste of Cape Town Festival - Green Point

In Cape Town, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to various events, both indoor and outdoor. From music concerts to wine tasting, we house a different event just about every month. 
In our industry we are required to stay on top of our game with branding and the know-how of who's who in the marketing of these events.

You can just imagine the excitement when we got offered tickets to the 'Taste of Cape Town' festival in April, which was hosted by Pick 'n Pay at the home of Green Point Cricket Club, Cape Town. 

On first arrival at the 'Taste' festival, we could feel the excitement in the air. We couldn't wait to step foot into one of Cape Town's most talked about festivals. And WOW, we were completely blown away to say the least. 

On arrival, we got handed a glass for tasting and purchased a booklet filled with 'Crowns' also known as tickets. This was an open pass to taste ANYTHING. ANYTHING? Anything and Everything! The atmosphere of the crowd was incredible. We had families laughing, people eating, kids tasting ice-cream, live music and the sky-line was decorated with flags as far as the eye could see...This is what a Festival is all about! 

The Boston Breweries tent - decked out with Event flags, Roll up banners, Tablecloths & Posters

My glass - just under half empty 

My Salmon tartar - served by African Pride from the 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town 

Besides all the excitement in the atmosphere and the various taste samples being passed around, what I was most proud of was seeing the branding of each stall. To be at such a huge and accomplished festival in Cape Town and being surrounded by various flags and banners which we had made earlier that week. How rewarding! 

We had clients such as Mitchell's Brewery Knysna who specializes in local Craft beers with their Roll up banners, Eish Chilli which is a home-made Chilli sauce done by a local lady to bring a bit of spice to your life, Solms Delta who is a local winery from Franschhoek with beautiful flying banners (Telescopics) to an entire tented area which was sponsored by Boston Breweries who is also a local micro-brewery which was branded with everything from flags and roll ups to posters and bar-wraps.

Solms Delta tent area 

Eish! Chilli's Home-made sauce area 

Mitchell's Brewery section 

Boston Breweries Craft Beer Project - tented area 

If you weren't lucky enough to attend this year's festival, don't be glum. Next year the festival will return, bigger and even better! And we can guarantee that you will see more banners at the festival, more branding and more of us.

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