The Daisies were Rocking!

If you live in the beautiful Mother City along with us, you know that the build up towards Spring is always exciting and some say that it is because the flowers are fresh and the air is crisp. But we all know that when the first week in October hits, the reason is simple. Rocking the Daisies! This is what us, as free spirited music lovers call our home for a weekend of pure fun and relaxation. Held at Cloof Wine estate in Darling, just a short drive outside of Cape Town, is a festival held to celebrate the start of Spring, to appreciate the outdoors with eco-minded people and of course, the LOCAL BANDS!
This year was the eight annual festival, and what a line up we had. We were spoiled for choice.

                                      Here is actually a banner of one of the line-ups

Now being in our industry, we are lucky enough to meet some of the beautiful mind and interesting people that team up with Rocking the Daisies to create the memorable weekend. 

To name only a few, here are a few ideas of the rocking clients we teamed up with for branding at Rocking the Daisies. 

Adhoc Coffee. If you were up early the next morning or even needed to stay awake the night before, you would of met up with Alistair and he's team at the Adhoc Coffee tent/Gazebo. This is no ordinary cuppa-Joe. 

The Greek Merchant was one the official partners at  RTD2013. Yoirgos along with he's team sells all official merchandise from the local bands and local artists who performed live at the festival. Everything from "The Dirty Skirts" t-shirts to "Die Andwoord" mugs, The Greek Merchant has it all. Next time you are at any outdoor festival or local concert, look out for Yoirgos. He will be the stall with the flags and the Roll up banners.

Heartbreak Motel - Now seriously? Who ever said that camping had to be in the dirt? Wow. This is GLAMPING! Heartbreak Motel is part of a large group of companies situated all around Cape Town and even in Namibia. So when you think camp, this Glamp with Heartbreak. You will find their branding of  PVC banners all along the bars and tented areas.

And of course, last but definitely not least, Ricky and the Boys from Lumo Sumo. These guys are hard working, but they have fun doing what they do. Offering you tented accommodation and  transport to and from all main events, these are the want-to-know boys at any of the outdoor parties. 
Spot them a mile away with their branded Gazebo and the plenty flags, you will be sure to have a party when in the Lumo Sumo area. 

So once again, we are proud to have been apart of the branding for the Rocking the Daisies 2013 festival. We met new people, build new relationships and just had plain FUN! 
Hope to see you all next year :) 

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