MOVEMBER - The Manliest Month of the Year

It's drawing to the end of the year and what we used to call November has now been updated by a more modern, current month called #MOVEMBER. 
Movember is a month dedicated to our brothers. Our men. Our fathers and uncles. The manliest men of them all - our Bro's with Mo's. 

Movember is a movement which started a while back with a simple idea on bringing awareness to men and brothers all over the world in support of male dominated Cancer. With October being a month dedicated to woman and breast cancer awareness globally, the month of November has been taken over by hairy men flaunting their mo's with pride. 

How does one get involved? 
There are many various ways for the masculine gender to get involved in the fight against cancer.  For further details on how you too can make a difference, follow the link and read up more about it. 

We love a good Mo and if your Mo is growing out of control. no worries bro, here are a few of the classic style mo's to get your creative side to work. 

The idea is to start a fresh at the start of Movember with a fresh face. Take a photo and upload it to your profile on your preferred social media website mainly Facebook, Twitter or Instagram every couple of days to see your Mo grow in progress. 
Upload these pics and see how manly your mo is by the end of the month. Be proud to wear it. Rock it! 

Grow your Mo Bros. Facial hair is manly! 


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